Ridiamo la vista

Diaporama realizzato nel 2012 in occasione della raccolta di fondi per ridare la vista agli anziani ed ai bisognosi della colonia di profughi tibetani a Mundgod, nel Sud dell'India.

La lettera di ringraziamento dall'Ospedale

RE: Next Eye check up..


gaden jangtse (gjmbclinic2001@yahoo.co.in)  

Data invio:

giovedì 31 maggio 2012 13:27:05


Istituto Kalachkra (info@kalachakralugano.org; Enrica Pesciallo (enricapesciallo@hotmail.com)



Dearest Geshe la and Enrica Pesciallo, 

Hope this letter will find you and all our donors in good health and here we all are fine.

          We are please to inform that Eye Project was successfully completed. We had started this Project on 20 March 2012 to 23rd May 2012 and at same time we hospital, our monks and elders of Old and infirm home of this settlement would like to pay gratitude for your kind assistance and we are always cherishing your graciousness.

          From our project, we had did 13 peoples surgery, 139 peoples had suggested for new glasses, 7 peoples had needed to do X-Ray, Lens etc and we always provided facilities of  medicines, Ward charges for our Inpatients and Vehicle charges etc to all our patients.

          Total expenses of above project was Rs. 7, 96,893/- (seven lakh ninety six thousand eight hundred ninety three only) which had excess Rs. 37,642/- (thirty seven thousand six hundred forty two only) from our Budget. As you know that our settlement is one of single largest settlement in India and we had tried to completed project as per budget but more patients are came and most of them had needy for treatment so we can’t close the project in mid without finishing all patient checkup. So, our Hospital had bear the balance amount of Project i.e Rs. 37,642/- without leaving single patient.

          Now, above project had successful complete. Here all peoples are appreciated for your lovely thoughts and all our monks and elders are very thankful to you and all our donors for their lovely thoughts and you all are always in their daily thoughts and prayers.

          Enclosed here kindly find the details of project’s expenditure and hope will make you and all donors proud and happy.         

We stop here with heartfelt thanks for your kindness to our needy monks and elders.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,



Ngawang Dhondup(Geshe)


Gajang Medical society. 



L'Istituto Kalachakra ha successivamente inviato anche la piccola somma mancante per il completamento del progetto, anticipata dall'Ospedale per non lasciare nessuno senza cure.